The Stuff of Nightmares…


Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do all things paranormal, excite you? Do horror films make up the bulk of your movie collection? Then we have an event for you!

Brought to you by Curious Twins Paranormal,  “Nightmares of San Antonio Paranormal Fest” is coming to Brick at Blue Star on Saturday, September 22nd from 7-11pm. This one-night fest, celebrating all things paranormal, will feature:

*Haunted Toy Exhibit
*Real Haunted Toys
*King William Ghost Tours
*Artist & Artisans Vendors
* Display of Ghost Photography
*Spooky Snacks
*Creepy San Antonio Lore
*Ghost Hunter Booths
* Spirit Communication Class



Through the Haunted Toy Exhibit, you’ll be able to experience a bizarre history of haunted toys. The unique popup exhibit will detail the history, mystery, and the stories of some of the most famous haunted toys. Enjoy 400 years of haunted toy history, and a local colection of haunted dolls. Created by Curious Collection. Are you curious?


Admission to this event is FREE; donations will be accepted.


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