Welcome to Blue Star, Divine Sunshine!

We here at Blue Star always get excited when a new tenant joins us at The Complex. We’re thrilled to be able to present to you our latest shop, Divine Sunshine.


To introduce you to this new shop/gallery, we’re diving right into a Q&A session!


What can people expect to find at Divine Sunshine? 

Divine Sunshine’s vision is to provide a platform for local female and LBGTQ artists and designers. We will be offering a variety of products from several local vendors and we plan to feature a new artist every month. We will have:
– Original Art, prints and pins by Connie Chapa of Art de Coco
– Prints, stickers and handmade jewelry by Iris of Ink by Moonlight
– Accessories and Embroidered Art by Valerie Sanchez
– Handmade Leather Earrings by Maria and Ana
– Paintings by Lisa Oaks.
– Locally-made Lipstick by Jessica Tovar of Wannabe Cosmetics.
– Fashion Designs by: Jennifer Rosario of Rosalu Designs
– Fashion Designs by: Gianni Del Prado of Rubon De La Cruz
– Custom Clothing, Up-cycled and Curated Vintage by Leah Brandt (aka The Caged Wild).



What’s your personal take on style, and how does that play into what people will be able to find in store? 

I would describe my style as if Biba, Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, and Stevie Nicks had a love child. Style is very personal and it is like writing a song or painting a picture of who you are on the inside and displaying it to the world without having to explain a thing. Style to me is expression and it is different from what is in fashion, it is something that is individual and separate from it, even.
I have always loved music , art history and sub-cultural genres and how society effects fashion. I believe that my personal interests are defiantly reflected in my style which, definitly inspired my designs and my taste in vintage clothing. That is why you can find styles ranging from 1950’s pin-up glamour to 1960’s mod, to flower child, 90’s street wear and everything in between.




Will the featured art pieces around the store be available for purchase, or serve as a gallery viewing? 

Yes, all the art work displayed will be available for purchase.



What drew you to making The Blue Star Arts Complex your home?

I loved the history of Blue Star and I have always enjoyed the pop up events at Brick. I wanted to create a more permanent spot for local vendors and artists to gain more exposure. I wanted to show the community what is going on behind the scenes in the life of the young San Antonio Creative.  There is so much talent in this city that goes unnoticed and I wanted to give people a chance to see these young online-brands in person. I wanted to give the girls in this city the kind of shop I would have wanted to see growing up as a young female. A place that encourages young creatives to be themselves and believe in each other and gives them the platform to do just that, support each other.

Divine Sunshine will be hosting a Grand Opening Party on First Friday, Sept. 7th from 6pm to Midnight. We will have complementary wine, a musical performance by Andria Rose, and a drag performance with AKIRA.  Please swing by to check out our amazing vendors and talented guests!